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15 Animals Who Are Absolutely Terrified Right Now

On the Internet...nobody can hear you meow. So how about it -- do you have nerves of steel? Can you can Survive the Night when all crime is legal, and evil roams the streets? Prepare yourself for The Purge, only in theaters June 7th.

1. This kitty who's convinced that there's something in the water.

2. This pooch who's seen enough monster movies to know where this is going.

3. This jumpy kitty who just said "Bloody Mary" three times in the bathroom mirror.

4. This red panda who’s been watching a lot of horror movies lately and is just really tense right now okay.

5. This kitty who saw a scene like this in a movie once.


6. This terrified kitten who's seen things, man. He's seen things.

7. This cat who's 100% sure that printers don't abide by the Three Laws of Robotics and that SkyNet is imminent.

8. This chihuahua who needs to stand perfectly still until this whole thing blows over.

9. This cat who's been really on edge since she watched that cursed VHS tape.

10. This ferocious tiger who just forgot about that whole "food chain" thing.

11. This tabby cat who's gonna need a bigger boat.

12. This gorilla who doesn't want any trouble, no seriously, keep walkin' pal KEEP WALKIN'.

13. This anxious kitten who could've sworn she heard something just now, guys.

14. This skittish pug who doesn’t want to be here when the scary masked men come.

15. This scaredy cat who really wishes she had an exorcist on speed dial.

Think you're gutsier than these alarmed animals? See if you can survive The Purge, only in theaters June 7th.

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