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Moe From "The Simpsons" Just Donated $25,000 To Puerto Rico And It Is Emotional AF.

Moe from the hit FOX show "The Simpsons" announced in a video to the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz that they would donate $25,000 to help those effected by Hurricane Maria.

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After Hurricane Maria, the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico was broken. Buildings destroyed, lives lost, and families heart-broken. When Donald Trump went to help those in need, he threw paper towels and helped just a little. But never fear, The Simpsons are here! In a video posted to their Twitter (@thesimpsons) the character, Moe announced that he would donate $25,000 to help those affected by Maria. Moe also mentioned how Trump "threw toliet paper" and was "no help". After the video was posted, mayor Cruz thanked them simply saying "Thank You".

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