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Liam Hemsworth Appeared On "Saturday Night Live" With Miley Cyrus And It Is The Cutest Thing Ever.

Liam Hemsworth made a surprise appearance during a sketch on "Saturday Night Live" with wife, Miley Cyrus and fans flipped the f*ck out.

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On the November 4th episode of "Saturday Night Live" Larry David was the host and Miley Cyrus was the musical guest. Sketches included a family-like comedy, and a White House press conference. But the most talked-about was "The Price Is Right: Celebrity Edition" where cast members dressed up as celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Bernie Sanders, and Chris Hemsworth. Miley Cyrus (who played Amanda) was along side Chris (Alex Moffat) saying that "he was cute" and "if he had a brother" which was in reference to Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus marriage. When Chris took his turn, he asked to "phone a friend" and Liam Hemsworth made a surprise appearance along side wife Miley Cyrus. After the sketch fans went NUTS. But the episode did get some backlash after host Larry David made a comment about the holocaust. People saying it was "truly a shame" and "Larry should never host again." You can watch the sketch on YouTube.

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