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13 Signs You Don’t Need Him

Men. They’re not ALL bad, but if you find yourself entangled in a messy sitch, just remember your worth, girlfriend. On April 25, leave your boy at home and see what happens when The Other Woman takes over.

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4. You don’t have a scraggly unkempt beard and/or mustache because your face has the flawless smoothness of a baby’s skin.

7. Your friends don’t approve of him because they know that underneath it all, you’re a blossoming flower that has yet to blossom to its fullest.

8. You smell like a mix of sweet honeysuckle and cool coconut breeze that makes heads spin for miles upon miles.

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Read: You've got that pleasant hygiene, sister.

9. Your nails are an extension of your inner fabulous self, and you’ve even been mistaken for a hand supermodel.

12. You have more goals and motivation because you know you’re destined to be the ruler of your own universe.

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Read: You have full control over your future and happiness.

Watch The Other Woman team up on him, in theaters April 25!

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