13 Signs You Don’t Need Him

Men. They’re not ALL bad, but if you find yourself entangled in a messy sitch, just remember your worth, girlfriend. On April 25, leave your boy at home and see what happens when The Other Woman takes over.

1. You can dance with playful grace and ease that is uncannily similar to an angel twirling in the wind.

Read: You’re more than just a worm.

2. Your wardrobe is so much more than unironed polos and khakis.

Read: You dress like a glam rock star and you OWN those power leggings, girl.

3. You have a more positive outlook on life because you are a whimsical creature of beauty and love.

Read: When you fall down, you lift yourself up and try again.

4. You don’t have a scraggly unkempt beard and/or mustache because your face has the flawless smoothness of a baby’s skin.

Ilya Terentyev / E+ / Getty Images

Read: You take care of yourself, face included.

5. You’ve never cheated on him because swooning over Bradley Cooper’s Esquire cover is not considered cheating.

Read: You’re faithful as a bee.

6. You make your own money, honey.

Read: You can’t be his sugar mama anymore.

7. Your friends don’t approve of him because they know that underneath it all, you’re a blossoming flower that has yet to blossom to its fullest.

Read: He’s not letting you grow.

8. You smell like a mix of sweet honeysuckle and cool coconut breeze that makes heads spin for miles upon miles.

M Swiet Productions / Flickr / Getty Images

Read: You’ve got that pleasant hygiene, sister.

9. Your nails are an extension of your inner fabulous self, and you’ve even been mistaken for a hand supermodel.

Lou Denim / Photononstop / Getty Images

Read: You don’t have filth-hands.

10. Your bedroom is reminiscent of an Amazonian rainforest.

allaboutevelyn / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via flic.kr

Read: Because you’ve learned how to pick up after yourself.

11. You eat your meal one bite at a time, with dignity and poise.

Sofie Delauw / Cultura / Getty Images

Read: You’re not a monster.

12. You have more goals and motivation because you know you’re destined to be the ruler of your own universe.

Tiffany Findley / Flickr / Getty Images

Read: You have full control over your future and happiness.

13. So if he ever does you wrong, leave his ass in the grass because you’re a beautiful dove who needs to fly free.

Read: Fly, fly away, pretty bird!

Watch The Other Woman team up on him, in theaters April 25!

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