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10 Surprising Jobs That Are Good For The Environment

You don't have to be a farmer to work for the land! Check out some of these environmentally friendly positions, and visit The New School to discover what else is possible.

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1. If you understand the importance of what goes into your body, maybe you’re a future food scientist.


A large part of a food scientist's job is to research sustainable and heathy ways to process food without it losing its nutritional value. They also discover new food sources, which is pretty darn cool.

3. Maybe you’re fascinated by how people interact within their cities? Try urban planning.


Urban planners aren't just planning skyscrapers. This job requires assessing environmental impact of a city on a project-by-project basis. It's their job to make sure their city is functioning for both the people and their environment.

4. If you want to get paid to fight for what you believe in, definitely look into law.


Environmental lawyers help fight for laws that address the effects of humans and human activity on our natural environment. Essentially, you are the land's spokesperson!

5. Analytical with an eye toward improving society? Maybe GIS coordinator is the job for you.


A GIS coordinator uses Geographic Information Systems technology to survey land and environmental conditions. Many GIS coordinators work for environmental protection programs in their given states.

6. If you’re looking to change the way we think about energy and love building things from the ground up, research green building design.


Our world is focusing more on renewable energy, and it’s important to have informed craftspeople in the industry. Solar specialists and energy consultants can shift the way that companies and municipalities purchase power to help catalyze more movement toward clean energy sourcing.

8. Want to use your people skills to help the world? Try becoming a communications manager.


Nonprofits specializing in environmental protection all need a face to help canvas and promote sustainability. Storytelling for companies that you care about is a practical way to use your natural talents for good.

10. You can combine your loves of graphic design and the environment as a package designer.


Designers around the world are inventing new ways to package goods in a sustainable way. Compostable bags and cardboard boxes with seedlings inside are some of the things out on the market today.