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10 Surprising Jobs That Are Good For The Environment

You don't have to be a farmer to work for the land! Check out some of these environmentally friendly positions, and visit The New School to discover what else is possible.

1. If you understand the importance of what goes into your body, maybe you’re a future food scientist.

2. If you've always been into trains, look into mass transit engineering.

3. Maybe you’re fascinated by how people interact within their cities? Try urban planning.

4. If you want to get paid to fight for what you believe in, definitely look into law.

5. Analytical with an eye toward improving society? Maybe GIS coordinator is the job for you.

6. If you’re looking to change the way we think about energy and love building things from the ground up, research green building design.

7. If you're equally inspired by art and nature, you'd make a perfect landscape architect.

8. Want to use your people skills to help the world? Try becoming a communications manager.

9. If style is your biggest asset, maybe you were born to be an eco-friendly fashion designer.

10. You can combine your loves of graphic design and the environment as a package designer.

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