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Celebrity Couples Who've Used Surrogates

These days, many couples use surrogates to have children—but you might be surprised how many (and how diverse) they are. See just how normal (not to mention life-changing) surrogates are in The New Normal, Premieres Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c only on NBC.

1. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

Although the unlikely pair has children from previous marriages, they had their first together four years after they got hitched. Faith Margaret Kidman Urban was born in December 2010, and though she is their biological daughter, she was born via surrogate.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Paul Morigi / WireImage / Getty Images

Interestingly enough, the couple known best for Sex and the City and Ferris Bueller's Day Off have children together conceived "traditionally," but for the newest addition to the fam they chose a surrogate. Apparently all those worries in SatC about menopause finally came true.

3. Kelsey and Camille Grammer

Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

Now divorced, back in 2001 the couple conceived a child via surrogate because Camille was advised against getting pregnant because of her irritable bowel syndrome, which would've caused some serious problems. Let's hope they're all doing better now.

4. Dennis and Kimberly Quaid

Michael Caulfield / WireImage / Getty Images

Before pulling themselves out of a divorce earlier this year, the couple welcomed Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace into their lives back in 2007. Again, the twins were their biological children, but they chose to have them by a surrogate. Noticing a pattern?

5. Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman

Michael Caulfield / WireImage / Getty Images

Banks and Handelman gave fertility shots a shot for years, but when they proved ineffective, they opted for a surrogate. Then, finally, a year ago their son, Felix, was born and they lived happily ever after. Hopefully.

6. Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower

Jason Kempin / FilmMagic / Getty Images

De Niro and Hightower have a fourteen-year-old conceived a year after they married in 1997, but after they made the decision to have another at the beginning of 2011, they opted for a surrogate. De Niro was 68 and Hightower was 56 at the time, after all.