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11 People Who Should Have Our Babies

Hnnnnngh. For various reasons, all these people would just make dynamite moms and dads. Even if just... genetically. This fall, see a new family start from the very beginning on The New Normal, Premieres Tuesday, at 9:30/8:30c only on NBC.

1. Robert Downey, Jr.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

RDJ fits the classic build of the bad boy, except fortunately he managed to get himself under control while still looking completely dynamite. Who wouldn't wanna have a kid with the dude who plays Tony Stark?

2. David Tennant

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

First of all, clearly Mr. Tennant adores cats. Second, he plays a freaking Time Lord on what’s probably the most beloved British television show of all-time. So if you had a child with him, there’s a pretty good chance the kid would be able to travel through time, which means you could come along for the ride as long as you don’t raise him to be a brat. Third, look at him:

Okay, NEXT.

3. Michael Fassbender

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Michael Fassbender's chiseled, stoic features often appear unreal. It's actually unacceptable to believe that someone wouldn't want to start a family with this man. He's German and Irish and he can (and has) played virtually any role. Just hopefully he's not quite as sex-addicted as he is in Shame. "Hopefully."

4. Ryan Gosling

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Hey girl, there are plenty of reasons to love Ryan Godling, and it's actually a wonder that he hasn't fathered a couple already. Fortunately, that means he's still on the market and everybody's got a chance.

5. Christina Hendricks

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

This photo should seal the deal on its own (or wait, isn't that ANY photo of Ms. Hendricks?), but also consider her out of control child-bearing hips:

6. Emma Watson

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Not only did Emma Watson play a super hot witch, but she was also the smartest one. And, irl, she attends Brown University, so we know that that part's just true in general. Also, she's British—so your kid wouldn't just look great, but she would be smart, and could get the ol dual-citizenship.

7. Jeremy Renner

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

Jeremy Renner ONLY plays badasses. And he looks dang good doing it. Would you really not want to have a child with this man? (Regardless of your gender, even.) Namely:

He also has some sweet moves.

8. Paul Rudd

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Paul Rudd doesn't always look his best, but he's at his best. Anyone who's comfortable enough to take the photo above has to be someone who's great with kids and totally chill.

9. Natalie Portman

Mark Mainz / Getty Images

Natalie Portman is basically flawless. She can wear long hair, short hair, medium, or none at all, and pull it off better than pretty much everyone else. Also, she's totally got a hand on the pop culture beat. Look at her:

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So you know she'd be able to relate to a kid about the newest hot trends and whatever.

10. Michelle Jenneke

This one goes without saying. She's got some fantastic genes.





11. June, the "Coupon Queen"

So that all of your kids will get their own show, of course.