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17 Signs You've Found THE ONE As Told By Miss Piggy

Because once you find your Kermie, you'll never want to let him go. To see more of "moi," make sure to catch Muppets Most Wanted, in theaters March 21.

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1. You were completely smitten with him the moment you laid eyes on him.

2. He has the power to make you feel like you're the most glamorous swine in the room.

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(Even if you already know you're the most ravishing, graceful, exquisite one there.)

3. And he makes you feel more confident in your beautiful self.

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4. Every day, he says a little something that makes you fall in love all over again.

5. Parting ways with each other is always such sweet sorrow.

Disney / Everett Collection / Via MSDMUTA EC007

Oh, how you'll miss that handsome Kermie face...

6. And you are lost and devastated when he isn't around.


7. But when you're reunited, you nevernevernevernever...


…evereverevereverevereverEVER let him go.

8. Of course, you might have a few teensy-weensy disagreements once in a while.


There's a lot of love and passion behind that "HIIIIIII-YA!"

9. But in the end, you'll always kissy-kissy and make up.

10. He's the only one who makes you feel weak in the knees just by looking at him.


Can you blame moi?

11. You often fantasize about spending the rest of your lives together.


Because you know he'll make you happy, now and forever.

12. And whether it's a lovely impromptu musical bike ride in the park...


13. ...or time alone where you don't utter a single word, you still enjoy each other's company.

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14. Sometimes he even surprises you by taking part in activities he isn't fond of just to impress you.


(OK, buster. That's enough. This is MOI's post…)

15. And although some don't understand what true love looks like...

16. …you know in your heart that he completes you.

Everett Digital / Via

17. And most of all, he... he...


Can Constantine successfully fool our ravishing pig? Or will true love prevail? Find out in Muppets Most Wanted, in theaters March 21.

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