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Do Travel Bibs Make Plane Rides With Baby Any Easier?

Anyone who has attempted to get through TSA with a baby, stroller, and required 9,000 goldfish crackers should get a medal of honor. No matter how well you plan, at some point you will have to take off your shoes and decide whether to hand off your baby to some stranger while you do so, or allow him to sit on the floor where thousands of travelers bare feet have passed. Then there is the actual plane ride, which carries a world of hurt for all of you involved. It's messy, cramped, and awful. But there is a travel bib out there that claims it will make the eating part a little simpler. Check out what The MomBuster says as she tests the B Box Travel Bib.

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The MomBuster tests the B Box Travel Bib

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Does a travel bib keep the baby mess contained on a long flight?

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