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    Updated on Oct 25, 2018. Posted on Oct 25, 2018

    What Kind Of Dog Should You Get?

    Thinking about getting a new dog, but not sure what dog is right for you lifestyle? Take this quiz and get some ideas!

    1. What type of home/living space do you have?

    2. How big is your yard?

    3. Where do you live?

    4. What kind of lifestyle do you have?

    5. What is your age group?

    6. How would you spend a typical Friday night?

    7. How energetic do you want your dog to be?

    8. How many hours would your dog be alone each week?

    9. How much exercise will you give your dog?

    10. Indoor or just outdoor dog?

    11. What size dog do you want?

    12. Can your dog shed?

    13. How often will you groom your dog?

    14. Have you had a dog before?

    15. How long do you want your dog's coat to be?

    16. Do you have kids?

    17. Do you have other pets?

    18. Do you want a protector dog?

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