10 Tips From “The League” To Make Sure Your Fantasy League Doesn’t Suck

If anybody would know how to make a league great, it’s these guys. Need more tips? Tune into the new season of The League, tonight at 10:30PM ET/PT only on FX.

1. Talk Trash. A lot of it.

No fantasy football league can even be considered legitimate if you don’t talk trash. Otherwise you’re just playing spreadsheet football.

2. Have A Kick Ass Trophy

In The League they have Shiva, a trophy that appropriates the image of the valedictorian from their high school class. But if there’s no hardware, your league sucks.

3. Take It Way Too Seriously

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If you’ve never considered trading things in real life to improve your fantasy team, it doesn’t mean enough to you.

4. Humiliate Your Friends

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Because if they didn’t want to be humiliated they wouldn’t have dared challenge you in the sport of kings.*

(*The sport of kings is no longer horse racing, and has become fantasy football. This is a fact.)

5. Avoid El Cuñado

El Cuñado may mean “brother-in-law” in Spanish, but in the world of fantasy football it has a far deeper meaning. El Cuñado is that guy in your league who is just the worst. He doesn’t follow football. He’s a jerk. He might be certifiably insane. Avoid at all costs.

6. Nickname Each Other

The guys nicknamed Ruxin “The Herdsman.” Nicknames allow you to both humiliate your friends (see #4) and also provide bonding experiences. Nicknames are vital to a good fantasy league.

7. Ceremony Is A Necessity

Create traditions! Here the guys figure out their draft order by hitching their wagons to little kids who are racing. It may seem dumb, but it’s not. It makes your fantasy league mean more.

8. Make Side Bets

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Sometimes you need to prove just how confident you are in your fantasy football prowess. At times like those, side bets must be made.

9. Destination Drafts

Why not spice up your league by going on a draft vacation. The League went to Vegas… I’ll give you a hint, that’s a very good place to have a fantasy draft.

10. Hang Out With The Athletes

Here’s Ruxin hanging out with Antonio Gates. I don’t know from experience, but I assume that would make your league even better.

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