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10 Totally Inventive Snack Ideas For Every Occasion

Every good snack involves cheese. Snack curiously with The Laughing Cow.

1. For when you want to start your day with lox but can't commit to an entire bagel:

2. For when you're in need of salad but have engagements to make:

3. For when you're feelin' nostalgic for childhood treats:

4. For when you decide you're British enough for afternoon tea:

5. For when carbs are your enemy:

6. For when you're feeling breakfast tacos any time of day:

7. For when you've got guests to impress:

8. For when you're hoping to spice up an afternoon lull:

9. For when you're feeling adventurous but not into dropping hundreds of dollars on a flight:

10. And for when you want to end your day with something sweet:

Images via The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow cheese is seriously perfect for every occasion. Stock up and snack curiously.