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Which Late Girl Are You?

Are you Anna, Hannah, Miranda, or Lauren?

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  1. How late are you to Redcoat rehearsal?

    Right on time!!
    5-10 Minutes
    We had practice today?
    Depends on how long it takes me to finish my Nutrigrain bar
  2. What instrument do you play?

    Clarinet.. but I ALSO PLAY pianofluteguitaraccordianharpsicordbanjo
    Excuse you, I'm a clarinet music major
  3. What's your favorite dining hall?

    The Niche is my bitch
  4. What is your favorite type of footwear?

    Whatever's closest to the door
  5. What would you be found doing at a Redcoat party?

    Taking water shots
    Flirting (with everyone)
    Screaming at someone
    What party?
  6. What are you doing at GA/FL?

    Wall twerking...again
    Deep conversations at 3:00am
  7. You're on your phone- why?

    Snapchatting my BEST friends
    Organizing my calendar
    Procrastinating homework!
    Looking at texts, then forgetting to respond
  8. Best Redcoats memory?

    First time marching in Sanford Stadium
    Dabbing in front of 93,000 people *dabs*
    Redcoats..more like RedCUPS amirite?
    Meeting all of my best friends!
  9. It's thirsty Thursday...where are you?

    Science Library
    In a practice room
    At Snelling!!!
  10. When do you wake up on weekdays?

    With the sun
    5 minutes before my class starts
    I never went to sleep!
  11. Dawg Walk is about to start, why can't we find you?

    I'm in line at Chick-fil-A
    Sorry, I got distracted
  12. What's your favorite calzone at D.P. Dough

    Whatever the zone of the day is
    Bulldawg you even have to ask?
    Chicken Parm!!
    I'm just here for the cookies
  13. I peaked when I...

    lost half of my instrument
    went on a date that wasn't a date...
    almost slept through the Auburn game
    ran on the wrong side of the field for pre-game

Which Late Girl Are You?

You got: Anna

You pulled an all-nighter studying for chemistry only to drop it the next morning before your 6am transit shift. Even though you never know what's going on, with your instrument or just life in general, you're a great friend to talk to (especially 3am). You love screaming at people almost as much as you love HO-House, but definitely not because you're a ho. Even though you're a hot mess, you still find a way to be hype at all hours of the night. You're everyone's favorite Asian.

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You got: Lauren

WOOOO climb aboard the hot mess express, destination DT!!! You're a vodka drinking, smoothie loving, romper wearing gal with matching Vera Bradley bags and a fake velvet choker. You're easily sidetracked, fashionably late, but also just fashionable in general and incredibly sweet. Your energy is contagious and everyone flocks to you. The only dining hall fine enough for you is the Niche, but you'll go anywhere if your friends will be there. You are always talking to somebody and never fail to brighten their day. This makes you the absolute worst person to "study" with, but the best person to hang with. You're always up for a good time and down for a Netflix binge. You're the perfect balance of a disaster and perfection, and everyone loves you for it.

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You got: Hannah

You're the worst at being on time out of all of the late girls and don't know what's going on half of the time, but your sweet personality makes up for it all. You're sweet, caring, lovable, and you always have your friends' backs when they need you. When you're not around, your presence is deeply missed, but when you are, it's always a blast. As a music major, you practically live in the SOM and love to fine dine at ECV. When you're not practicing, you can be found sleeping and you're friends usually have to call you to make sure you're awake (which you usually aren't).

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You got: Miranda

Woo! You may be a member of 278 school organizations, but you still somehow manage to find time to be the best kind of friend. You live by your planner, occasionally wall twerk, and brighten the day of everyone you meet. Never sleeping and always eating (at Snelling), you are the best at time management and the worst at dancing. You can recite the entirety of UGA's esteemed history and rap all of Look at Me Now. You're the one to call if you need a heart-to-heart talk or a high school musical sing-a-long. In the near future, you'll graduate with six majors, make $3959395829, and become the president of the United States. Caution: you're prone to random dabbing and being extremely awesome at everything you do.

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