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Amazing Inexpensive Van Build Transformation In Just 6 Weeks

The 6 week deadline ensured this couple got their home on wheels ready for an adventure

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Theo Gove-Humphries / Via

Florence had been left to rust on a driveway

Ellie and Scott spotted the neglected Talbot Express campervan on a neighbours driveway.

After exchanging numbers with the owners it was a few weeks later they heard back and made them an offer.

Before they knew it they had their own adventure wagon and lovingly named her Florence.

Theo Gove-Humphries / Via

Crazy 6 Week Deadline On A Budget

After spending longer than expected in the garage, they were left with only 6 weeks before they hit the road.

The entire original interior had been ripped out due to fire hazards whilst the van had been with the welder, so they were left with an empty shell and a vivid imagination.

Pinterest played a big part in helping Ellie come up with unique and quirky design hacks, and keep the budget as low as possible.

Read a breakdown of their entire £1000 budget here.

The End Result

Theo Gove-Humphries / Via

Watch The Entire Tour

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The Indie Projects / Via
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