16 Celebrities You Probably Knew Weren’t Always Cool

Being cool in High School is basically a myth, so if you feel like a loser, you’re not alone. These celebrities were members of some potentially embarrassing clubs back in the day. Find out what it’s really like to not exactly be cool in high school on MTV’s The Inbetweeners, Mondays at 10:30/9:30c.

1. Axl Rose

The Guns N’ Rose frontman got his start in the vocal world by singing in the choir. Sha na na na na na na knees, knees!

2. Mark McGrath

The hair!

3. Jennifer Garner

Saxamaphone, saxamaphone.

4. Christina Hendricks

Takes a while to spot her in this photo, but when you do, it’s pure magic.

5. Katie Holmes

Now we know where she learned her truly impressive acting skills!

6. Jake Gyllenhaal

Some adorable theatre geekery from young Jake.

7. Warren Beatty

Acting legend Warren Beatty, engaging in some sort of frivolous leg kicking with his mates.

8. Ke$ha

Back before she had a dollar sign in her name, Kesha was already practicing for the big time. Here she is performing as one of the Spice Girls with her girl friends.

9. Joan Cusak

The swim team, before Phelps made it cool.

10. Madonna

Madonna was clearly bored with school and ready to get her career started in this high school pic.

11. Brad Pitt

Far right. Great scarf.

12. Eva Mendez

She with the biggest hair wins, clearly.

13. Jessica Simpson

Practicing dance moves with a classmate - hopefully for a play and not for a dance.

14. Steve Carell

What’s more surprising? That Steve Carell played hockey or that he was that hunky back in the day?

15. Lady Gaga

Young Gaga back in the school uniform days. Who would’ve ever guessed she’d eventually be the one to bring pantlessness to the mainstream?

16. Rooney Mara

More celebrity theatre geek pride - this time in a high school performance of Romeo and Juliet.

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