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17 Times Emily Blunt Proved She Was Our True Queen


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4. However, her preferred term of address is Full Metal Bitch.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Upon receiving an award for playing a total badass, she said, “It’s the greatest thing not to be a damsel in distress in an action movie, and I will forever be so grateful for the title of 'Full Metal Bitch’.”

10. Yet, despite her regal status, our Queen has firmly got her priorities in order.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

In an interview, she said, "I see Hollywood as a bubble that you pop your head into every now and again. I never get fully immersed in it.”

12. HRH is a natural diplomat and is happy to partake in local customs.

See HRH Emily Blunt embody her next royal as the Ice Queen in the upcoming epic, The Hunstman in cinemas April 22. Check out the spot below and prepare to be blown away...

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