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17 Times Emily Blunt Proved She Was Our True Queen


1. Look people, it's about time we recognise that the world’s one true queen is the dazzling, the gracious, the majestic...Emily Blunt.

2. Hollywood has of course recognised her royal status.

3. Her Majesty has portrayed no less than three queens in her regal career.

4. However, her preferred term of address is Full Metal Bitch.

5. Her Royal Highness slays every red carpet. Her sheer majesty alone commands all of her subjects to bow down.

6. Seriously, bow down.


8. Just like George VI, Queen Emily also overcame a severe stutter – a condition she conquered by getting into acting and portraying a character.

9. Like royalty born into their position, Queen Emily was put on this planet to rule the silver screen.

10. Yet, despite her regal status, our Queen has firmly got her priorities in order.

11. But don't be fooled by her elegance and grace – Queen Emily knows how to take you down, so probably best not to step a toe out of line.

12. HRH is a natural diplomat and is happy to partake in local customs.

13. So much so that Her Majesty secured an international bond with America through her marriage to John a-bit-of-alright Krasinksi.

14. Look at them. Don't they just scream royal couple perfection?

15. It was actually written into their vows that John shall tell his beautiful wife that she is "The Queen" every hour on the hour.*

16. Queen Emily: A talent powerhouse. A fashion killa. And an absolute hoot.

17. Oh your Majesty, how do you do it all so well?

See HRH Emily Blunt embody her next royal as the Ice Queen in the upcoming epic, The Hunstman in cinemas April 22. Check out the spot below and prepare to be blown away...

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