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The "Hunger Games" Trilogy According To People Who've Never Seen It

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We found six people with no knowledge of the Hunger Games trilogy and asked them questions about the series. Here are our non-experts:

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Andrea (21), Ashley (25), Clark (23), James (25), Jordan (24), Mandy (22)

1. What made the Quarter Quell different from the usual Hunger Games?

Ashley: Oh wow, well, for starters, everyone had to wear pink.

James: The amount of suppression was approximately one fourth the usual amount.

Clark: You didn't get killed, you were just really, really hungry for like 40 days and 40 nights.


Real Answer: While the Hunger Games happen annually, Quarter Quells happen every 25 years and are a special, more extreme version of the usual event.

2. What is a Tracker Jacker?

Mandy: Someone who does very inappropriate things on the running track.

James: Like a varsity jacket, these are the jackets all the characters wear when they go to compete in the Hunger Games.

Ashley: Some kind of jacket that you make your dogs wear so you know where they are when they run away.


Real Answer: Tracker Jackers are highly dangerous genetically modified wasps engineered by the Capitol.

3. Why does Katniss call Prim "Little Duck"?

James: Because he is actually a literal water fowl.

Ashley: Because he really knows how to quack her up.

Mandy: It was a typo that they went with because ultimately it was less offensive.

Jordan: He swims REALLY well and is so, so little.


Real Answer: Katniss nicknamed her younger sister Prim "Little Duck" because Prim's shirt often stuck out and looked like a duck's tail.

4. Fill in the blanks: "And if we ____, you ____ with us!"

Mandy: And if we rock, you roll with us!

Jordan: And if we die, you die with us!

Clark: And if we win, you eat with us!


Real Answer: It's, "And if we burn, you burn with us!"

5. What signature calling card does President Snow like to leave for Katniss?

Mandy: What kind of cheap-ass president leaves a calling card and doesn't put her on a damn cell phone plan? Is this not supposed to be set in the future?

Jordan: A fancy business card that actually looks EXACTLY like a driver's license.

Ashley: One ticket to Arendelle!


Real Answer: A white rose.

6. What gift did Madge give Katniss?

Andrea: Artisan jams.

James: Ray-Ban luggage tags.

Mandy: She gave her the gift of reinventing herself, of voguing, and the name of her amazing plastic surgeon.


Real Answer: The mockingjay pin.

7. Why does Katniss volunteer?

Mandy: College credit.

Andrea: She's on probation for a parking violation.

Ashley: I think I know this one! It's her tribute, right??


Real Answer: So her sister Prim won't have to participate in the Hunger Games.

8. What happens at the Reaping?

Clark: Definitely not eating, tbh.

James: They harvest the wheat.

Mandy: Metalheads get together, drink beer, mosh, stage dive, and enjoy the lineup of death metal bands. The Reaping is a metal festival, right?


Real Answer: The Reaping is a yearly event where a representative from the Capitol comes to each District to select tributes for that year's Hunger Games.

9. What do you think about Buttercup?

Andrea: My favorite My Little Pony!

Mandy: Definitely better than Blossom, but not quite as good as Bubbles.

Jordan: Overrated peanut butter candy. And they can get so WET. Who wants that?


Real Answer: Buttercup is Prim's rather grouchy but highly beloved pet cat.

10. Why does President Snow smell like blood and roses?

Andrea: He works part-time at a florist shop.

Mandy: Yeah. He is one clumsy florist.

James: Blood AND roses? Wo ho ho, ease up on the symbolism, C.S. Lewis.

Jordan: Well, it's very, very deep actually. It's a metaphorical thing, that stemmed (that's a pun, you'll get it later) from a real-life incident. Pres Snow has a thing for beauty...but it always messes him up. Like, he gets so close to something truly beautiful, like a beautiful soul or a beautiful thought or a beautiful woman, and then, NOPE, it cuts him... It breaks him down. Always. Interestingly enough, he's ADDICTED to his rose garden, but the thorns always prick him and make him bleed. He's addicted to the rose garden because it's so beautiful, and he wants things he knows he can't have, just like...everyone. Everyone. So that's why he smells like blood and roses.


Real Answer: President Snow has permanent bleeding sores in his mouth, and he wears roses in an attempt to cover the scent of the blood.

11. What can you not do if you're an Avox?

Mandy: You can't sit with us.

Andrea: You are not authorized to sell Avon products.

James: Trick question! If you're an Avox, you can do what-Avoxer you want.


Real Answer: You're unable to speak because your tongue has been ripped out by the Capitol.

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