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9 People Share Crazy Things They Did To Make Money For College

Up, down, inside-out, livin' la vida pobre!

When it comes to paying for college, most of us feel like this:

College is EXPENSIVE, which is why we asked people to share the crazy things they did to make money for college:

Blood Work

"I sold lots and lots of plasma, and I had no regard for their rules and regulations about what you should do before or after selling plasma, which caused me to occasionally faint in awkward the middle of a job interview." —Eric S.

Under(aged) Pressure

"My friends and I stood at the entrance to the courtyard of a bunch of frat houses. As underage kids made their way to this "frat court," we'd stop them and ask for IDs. They, of course, would panic until we told them, "Ahh, well, we really aren't supposed to let you in without an ID, but we can let it slide for a cover charge. $2 please." They would hand it over gladly, and I think we walked away from the night with over $100." —Casey C.

The Game of Life Stories

"I wrote a lot of papers for football players. Many of them decided to take a creative-writing class that involved daily journaling. The journals were supposed to be highly personal and revealing, and I can't tell you how much fun I had coming up with weird backstories and quirks for these jocks. Once I realized they never read the journals themselves, I got really creative. I never got caught, they got their grades, and their professors probably thought they all should be institutionalized." —Hannah C.

Pimp That Puppy

"My college roommate got the cutest blue pit-bull puppy you've ever seen. He worked long hours during the day, so I took his dog for walks around campus. Pretty girls loved that puppy. I have no game whatsoever, so the dog's power was useless to me. But I told a few friends about it, and they were interested in walking the babe magnet around. So I started charging dudes to walk my roommate's dog so they could use him to pick up girls. I made over a thousand bucks in one semester by pimping out my roommate's puppy, and I never told my roommate about any of it." —Justin T.

Party Favors

"I would sell cigarettes at parties. I realized that people would pay a dollar per cigarette, so I would always make sure to buy some beforehand so I could take advantage of drunk people. This wasn't a huge money-making venture, but it definitely helped!" —Eileen C.

Study Buddies

"I used to participate in marketing studies that were not really for me, such as one for smokers of menthol cigarettes (which I was not, but I lied for the money). Also, my roommate's boyfriend took it a step further and would participate in drug trials. Sometimes he had to stay at the hospital, so he'd just go away for a few days. He made a lot of money doing it though!" —Ayla N.

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Student Loan Payment

"At the end of the year, students were encouraged to leave their unwanted belongings behind to donate. I learned very quickly that rich kids were leaving crazy-valuable stuff behind, so I started rummaging through it for stuff I could sell online. I used that money to 'make a donation' to my student loan bill." —Kelley D.

Truth and Dare

"I once ate half a can of dip and drank half a bottle of mouthwash for $100. I was friends with the Republicans at my art school." —Jake T.

The Dog Daze are Rover

"I was a dog nanny for two very sweet and very spoiled rescue greyhounds. I cooked their meals twice a day (and they ate better than me), walked them, and held up the phone while they communicated with their dog psychic (yes, I'm serious)." —Kirk D.

Now that you've got some money-making tips, go forth and get that tuition money!

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