12 Social Media Tips From The Rock

Dwayne knows his way around the internet. So pull up a chair, and take some notes. And be sure to check out his new reality show - The Hero - Thursdays on TNT.

1. On the subject of smartphone etiquette:

2. Concerning the much-argued subject of excessive hashtag use:

TNT / Via youtube.com

3. On appropriate Facebook fodder:

TNT / Via youtube.com

4. On how often you should be tweeting:

TNT / Via youtube.com

5. Concerning the risky idea of mixing social media:

TNT / Via youtube.com

6. On the sensitive subject of food pix:

TNT / Via youtube.com

7. An addendum:

TNT / Via youtube.com

For example: this.

8. On selfie frequency:

TNT / Via youtube.com

9. On the subtleties of the English language on Twitter:

10. On making your "likes" more valuable:

TNT / Via youtube.com

11. Concerning "humble brags" on any and all social media platforms:

12. Regarding the names you choose for yourself in social media:

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