15 Laws Of Ladies’ Night

Thou shall drink with thou’s BFFs. And thou shall follow the lead of Melissa Mccarthy and Sandra Bullock, who are bringing The Heat to theaters this June 28th.

1. Don’t be afraid to make an entrance.

2. Start off with some awkward dancing.

20th Century Fox / Via trailers.apple.com

3. Drink something that’s a fun color.

4. Always cheers to everything.

20th Century Fox / Via trailers.apple.com

5. Take plenty of photographs.

6. And no one’s allowed to be critical of how they look.

7. The shade throwing can wait.

8. Let the crazy stories flow.

9. If someone wants to do something kinda insane, let it happen:

10. So everyone else gets to enjoy the ridiculousness:

11. But if others give you sass for having too much fun, respond with this:

12. When you change locations, leave no drink (or person!) behind.

13. Maybe take some in a non-traditional to go cup:

14. Just try to keep yourself somewhat together.

15. And make sure everyone gets home safely:

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