12 Badass Steps To Being A Badass Badass

Quit whining. It’s not hard. Melissa Mccarthy and Sandra Bullock are masters—just follow their lead as they bring The Heat to theaters this June 28th.

1. Feel free to use anything as a weapon:

20th Century Fox / Via trailers.apple.com

2. As long as you point it in the right direction:

3. Never wait for anything:

4. Always drive it like you stole it (especially when chasing thieves):

5. Know that it’s never too late to practice sliding across the ground:

20th Century Fox / Via trailers.apple.com

6. Do your best to look as menacing as possible:

7. When you don’t have a door, make one:

8. Is there an explosion? Walk away calmly:

9. Don’t freak when something sneaks up on you:

11. Or use your quick reflexes:

12. And always remember to save energy for celebrating in the best possible way:

Inspired by the two badass cops from The Heat:

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