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10 Arrests That Will Make You LOL

Crime doesn't pay. But sometimes it gets a laugh. And there are plenty more where that came from when Melissa Mccarthy and Sandra Bullock bring The Heat to theaters this June 28th.

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2. Florida man uses pool noodle to violently settle watermelon-related disagreement:

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A 68-year-old man in Naples, FL was taken in on a battery charge after using a floatation noodle to attack a woman who kept moving a rotting watermelon (that was carved to look like a head) back into the ocean.

5. With only half a haircut, a man gets arrested:

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A man was arrested after a fight broke out during his haircut. He grabbed an available weapon—some scissors—and ended up with assault charges and a mugshot that the internet won't soon forget.

Inspired by the constant LOLs in The Heat:

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