10 Arrests That Will Make You LOL

Crime doesn’t pay. But sometimes it gets a laugh. And there are plenty more where that came from when Melissa Mccarthy and Sandra Bullock bring The Heat to theaters this June 28th.

When some questioning got out of hand…

Tarrell got taken out, but at least the metal car broke his fall.

1. Woman uses 911 to complain about a burger:

“I only took a small bite and it was nasty.” And while she may have been completely honest, telling that to 911 operator was an abuse of the system.

2. Florida man uses pool noodle to violently settle watermelon-related disagreement:

meaghan_st / Via instagram.com

A 68-year-old man in Naples, FL was taken in on a battery charge after using a floatation noodle to attack a woman who kept moving a rotting watermelon (that was carved to look like a head) back into the ocean.

3. Guy dressed as Batman was arrested for trespassing:

Clearly a long way from Gotham City, a 31-year-old man in Michigan was taken in after hanging off a downtown business’s wall. It’s unreported as to whether Alfred bailed him out.

4. A family gets feudy over some salsa:

iamgarrettyoung / Via instagram.com

Domestic assault charges were filed for one man in Florida after he attacked his mother for using his salsa and taco sauce. Taco Tuesday will never be the same.

5. With only half a haircut, a man gets arrested:

A man was arrested after a fight broke out during his haircut. He grabbed an available weapon—some scissors—and ended up with assault charges and a mugshot that the internet won’t soon forget.

6. Woman punches man for singing bad karaoke:

Hello My Moodis / Via hellomymoodis.tumblr.com

While in the middle of “Yellow” by Coldplay, a man was punched by a woman who said his “singing sucked” and that the song “fucking sucked.” She was then arrested.

7. Snowball fight not all fun and games:

melnjoah / Via instagram.com

Two Virginia college students were arrested after hurling snowballs at occupied vehicles (a felony!). Note to self: stick to people on the other team.

8. Woman files police complaint about spell that was supposedly cast on her:

A Georgia woman filed a complaint stating that her ex-husband placed a spell on her because he was able to know what she did and where she went.

9. Phone prankster tricks hotel guest into setting off sprinklers:

revlis1090 / Via instagram.com

The caller impersonated an employee, convincing the guest to turn on the sprinkler system and cause $100,000 worth of damage.

10. Bieber fever causes one fan to act criminally:

hannahmfraser / Via instagram.com

A Florida man stole a cardboard cutout of the pop star from a F.Y.E. After a being chased through a Sears (with the cardboard cutout in his arms), the man was eventually caught by the assistant manager of the store and arrested.

Inspired by the constant LOLs in The Heat:

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