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8 Things That Tarantino Does In Every Movie You Should Pay Attention To

For one, you can expect a Samuel L. Jackson cameo. The Hateful Eight – in cinemas now.

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3. Tarantino writes certain parts with specific actors in mind to play them.

Remember Pumpkin from Pulp Fiction, the guy who holds up the diner with his girlfriend? Well he was apparently written specifically for Tim Roth. And John Travolta wasn't even Tarantino's first pick for Vincent Vega.

4. You won't know it at first but there'll always be a small reference or connection to another character or thing from his other films.

Watch Pulp Fiction again and you'll hear Uma Thurman's character Mia Wallace talk about a fictional TV show she worked on, featuring five women who were deadly assassins. The premise of that TV show would end up being pretty darn similar to the movie Kill Bill.

5. He'll also make references to his favourite movies from childhood, either with casting choices, dialogue, or other small details.

Bruce Dern, an acting legend from the '70s who also had a small cameo appearance in Django Unchained, stars in The Hateful Eight. He happens to be one of Quentin Tarantino's favourite actors growing up as a kid. Sonny Chiba, another favourite of Tarantino's, also made a cameo appearance in Kill Bill as Hattori Hanzo, the retired samurai sword maker.

6. Mr. Tarantino also has a thing for featuring the fake products he has created himself for his film universe.

Note the brand of cigarettes here, Red Apple, found in most of Tarantino's movies. Another famous Tarantino brand is Big Kahuna Burger.

7. Speaking of food, he'll also feature a lot of food or drink scenes, as in real life you'll usually talk over a cup of coffee or bite to eat.

Listen here to Tarantino and why he features a lot of moments where food is consumed. And he'll also tell you that he hates films where the actors never actually eat anything too.

8. Oh yeah, did we mention he loves to collaborate with the same great talented actors and crew members across his films?

Including cameos featuring this guy in six out of eight of his films? Can't get a bigger badass than Samuel L. Jackson, can you? So why the hell not work with your friends?

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The Hateful Eight – showing in glorious Ultra Panavision at selected 70mm cinemas from 14 January and everywhere else 21 January.

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