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8 Signs You'd Probably Be The First To Die In A Tarantino Film

Here are a few signs you'd probably be the first to die in Quentin Tarantino's new film, The Hateful Eight – In cinemas now.

1. You'd have a hard time delivering an eloquent monologue while being shot at or while tied to a chair.

2. You try and fail miserably to grow any sort of facial hair. Including whatever that thing Kurt Russell has on his face.

3. You can't stand the sight of blood or dead bodies.

4. You would probably get far too nervous around Samuel L. Jackson.

5. You've never thrown a punch in your life and don't lose your temper often.

6. And you've never held a gun or know the first thing to do with it if you were given one under extreme circumstances.

7. Extreme weather is probably not something you enjoy either.

8. And finally, you don't smoke or look cool when trying to.

All images courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment & The Weinstein Company

Yep, you'd probably die in any of Tarantino's movies. But that's OK – you're alive now. So go check out The Hateful Eight – showing in glorious Ultra Panavision at selected 70mm cinemas from 14 January and everywhere else 21 January.