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3 Ways To Become More Lethal To Racism

Anti-racist tips for white allies

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I'll admit when I first heard of the safety pin thing, I didn't think much of it. I thought I might see tons of people walking around with safety pins but I was too depressed to care much.

As a black queer, masculine of center woman, I'll still get stares in the street- and in the ladies' room.

So, people will know you're #withher? They'll also know that they can still kill me and others like me with impunity. That's what a Trump presidency reinforced. So, your intent really can't be communicated with a safety pin.

It can however be proven with solid deliberate action towards anti-racism.

Here are my top three suggests on being more lethal to racism as a white ally.

1. Expose Covert Racists

By exposing covert racists and compiling resources against them you'll be giving POC a much needed advantage in this fight. Exposing racists or alternatively people who voted for Trump erases the veil of secrecy. If Racism can't hide it can't reproduce.

Compile date on these enemies of anti-racism. Where do they work and whom do they employ? Are they in a position of power? Are there any POC in their vicinity that might be in distress. You'll now have access to this information as a double agent.

Use your skin privilege to discover whites in proximity to white supremacy and bring them down. Use backhanded tactics to irritate their sensibilities. Be rude. Turn friends into enemies.

2. Hold yourself accountable in white-only spaces.

This work is supposed to make you uncomfortable. Unlike the safety pin, joining a group of other white anti-racist allies is a real admission that you acknowledge and now accept that your skin gives you privilege.

Become closer allies with your friends who have also made this realization and declared their loyalty to anti-racism. Get vulnerable in those spaces instead of in the faces of POC.

In fact, take it a step further and become a decoy ally. Learn to let let it go if POC believe that you are on the bad side. Hold your tongue and opinions and worries while you give space to venting POC. Instead, use that energy to learn and use the information you gather to define your cause more clearly.

3. Keep Your Cool

Revolution is a long game. This isn't really the time to smash TV's or march in the streets. You as a white ally have much more power with your patience. You've waited this long, it's sensible to wait a bit longer, just until you have a clear shot.

A calm and controlled attitude emanated from white allies can trick racism in to submission. Although the beast is empowered at this moment, it's just a matter of time until another election.

Wait and learn the ways of the beast; wait and tend to healing and hurting white people in your ranks; wait until you feel so compelled that your passion runs out and into the streets. And in the meantime sharpen your sword.

Clearly racism is winning. But we're not going down without a fight. If you're an ally to POC take some real action.

Elle Salim is a writer, creator and chosen one. You can find more of her work at

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