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9 Ways You Can Relive The Great Gatsby

Let's face it: we all wish we could be a party guest at Gatsby's. Fortunately, using modern technology, you still can. Use our handy guide to plan your own '20s-themed party and then watch The Great Gatsby, Available Now Only on Digital Download.

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5. Refresh your look with a hairstyle Gatsby himself would approve of.


Like the bob, modeled here by actress Louise Brooks.

For women, here's your guide to the quintessential bobbed hairstyles of the jazz age, with images originally published in 1924.

If you don't want to cut your hair, you can still experiment with finger waves. Comprehensive instructions on finger waving here.

9. Play some authentic vintage card and board games.

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Nothing brings you back to the time before Internet, TV, and emoji texting more than some good old-fashioned games. Pairs well with the bootleg gin you've surely already made!

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