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13 Reasons Kristen Bell Might Actually Be Kind Of A Jerk


Most people know Kristen Bell as a charming, funny, sloth-loving, and generally wonderful human being. But here's something you may not know: Sometimes Kristen Bell can be kind of a jerk.

1. First off, she curses. A LOT.

2. Sometimes she makes fun of British people, too.

3. She has no qualms about ripping off old people.

4. Oh, also: She's totally not as into frozen yogurt as she should be.

5. Fun fact: "Envy" is actually Kristen's real middle name!*

6. She lies...

7. ...she steals...

8. ...and sometimes she lies and steals at the same time.

9. Only a jerk would make a face like this:

10. She'll get your name wrong for the first dozen tries.

11. She's always showing up in places she's not supposed to.

12. Did we already mention all the cursing?

13. And sometimes, believe it or not, Kristen Bell is just straight-up RUDE.

Images courtesy of NBC

See just how bad Kristen Bell can be when The Good Place premieres on Monday, September 19, at 10/9c on NBC.

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