You’ll Only Understand This If You’re A Middle Child

Do you think no one understands you because you’re a middle child? Think again! There are millions of middle children out there and they know what you’re going through, like Barry: a kid just trying to survive his awkward years smack-dab in the middle of a fussy older sister and a nosy little brother. Catch him on The Goldbergs Tuesdays 9|8c on ABC.

1. Every family is made up of something… umm… different.

2. But for a middle child, there's mom and dad…

sanfranannie / Via Flickr: sanfranannie

Cute iguana guys!

3. Your "too-cool-for-school" older sister…

She can either be found in front of the mirror or on the back of a motorcycle.

4. Your attention-hogging younger brother…

Can he give it a rest for just, like, one second?!

5. …and you.


Can you do ANYTHING right?

6. Being in the middle can be pretty awkward. / Via Orion Pictures

7. But it also means that in the sibling sandwich, you hold all the flava!

8. It just might not be anybody else's taste…


9. When you talk about your favorite music or TV show, your siblings are all like… / Via Kuzui Enterprises

10. Your parents have tried to get you to "put yourself out there" and "socialize" like your siblings.

11. And sometimes you might feel a little out of place among everybody else's accomplishments.

abbamouse / Via Flickr: abbamouse

12. But you have your own interests… gosh mom!

13. So never change your middle child ways. History shows that middle children turn out just fine.


See how Barry deals with Middle Child Syndrome on The Goldbergs Tuesdays 9|8c on ABC!!

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