15 Reasons Your Family Isn’t That Bad

So your family might get on your nerves sometimes… But whether you like it or not, they’re the only one you’ve got. Get your family together for the series premiere of The Goldbergs to see that while it’s not always smooth sailing, at the end of the day your family is pretty awesome.

1. Your family is a bunch of weirdos.

But it’s only because you’re so comfortable around each other.

2. Family night might be unconventional… but at least you know how to have fun.

Shaytard / Via says-me.tumblr.com

3. Your brother is kind of a jerk.

But hey, he just turned your acoustic set into some pretty heavy metal stuff.

4. Even when you fight, you always make up at the end.

5. And you can always figure out a way to get even with each other.

aeropostalegirls123 / Via youtube.com

6. You can be thankful your parents never insisted on the whole matching sweater thing…

ABC / Via facebook.com

7. Because some families really take it too far…

jwillier2 / Via Flickr: jwillier

Casey sort of likes it. But Heidi… not so much…

8. Your dad has a sick sense of humor.

You can thank him for all of that extra “character” you have.

9. At least your sister never corrupted your innocence like this little guy’s.

10. And your younger brother doesn’t have as much sass as this little guy… sheesh!

11. It’s adorable that your dad isn’t too macho to tell you how much he loves you.

ABC / Via youtube.com

In his own special way of course…

12. And when he’s being a little overprotective, it’s only because he wants what’s best for you.

Who knows? Maybe living like a nun until your 40s is what’s best for you!

13. Why else do you think your mom hovers over your shoulder all day long?

She will not let this big bad world corrupt her precious angel! Remember, you cant spell smother without m-o-t-h-e-r.

14. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that they’re proud of you.

darealcastro / Via instagram.com

15. And that while times may change, family is forever.



Spend some quality time with your family and catch The Goldbergs.

Totally Premieres Tuesday, September 24th at 9|8c on ABC!

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