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13 Reasons To Hop On The Brenton Thwaites Bandwagon Right Now

Get ready to give him all of your attention. See Brenton Thwaites in The Giver in theaters August 15!

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1. He's Australian, and everything is better down under. Especially dreamy smiles.

Have you ever seen teeth so straight?

2. Like all Australians, he's great at surfing and looking super hot with his shirt off and just generally being a dreamboat.


3. He even looks sexy sitting on a yacht, which sounds super easy, but actually it's really hard.

It takes a lot to look that attractive while wind whips in your face. Seriously. Trust us.

4. He turned 25 on August 9, meaning he's totally legal!

And he has been for years, but it's still really good news.

6. Brenton is very into music.

Science has recently proven that every guitar looks a billion times more sexy when it's sitting on Brenton's lap.

8. He's known to steal the attention from an amazing sunset.

Believe it or not, there is a sunset somewhere in this photo. Yeah, we didn't see it either.


And looks like a model doing it. Seriously. Drop. Dead. Gorg.

10. He loves his fans and is ALWAYS game for a selfie.

Swoon! But seriously, that second girl has the perfect excuse to get all up in Brenton's business, and she's playing it from three feet away. C'mon, girl!

12. He also looks incredibly attractive in denim!

And he's so funny! Look what he's doing! He's pretending to grab that cup, but it's in a poster! Sense of humor is very important in a soulmate.

13. He's one of the few humans who can make you say "Taylor who?"

Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images

Here's Brenton with some girl. Probably a random fan or a super-famous co-star or something. Honestly, we just can't take our eyes off of Brenton right now!

Get a swoontastic dose of Brenton in The Giver, in theaters August 15.

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