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The Top 11 Super Structures Built On Minecraft

If you can imagine it, you can build it on Minecraft. In the newest episode of the GE Show, GE shares its insights into manufacturing from large to small areas of the industrial world. Check out their Minecraft creation for the Edison Memorial Tower here, and feast your eyes on the best super structures built on Minecraft.

  • 1. Giant Airplane

    Giant Airplane

  • 2. Train Station

    Train Station

  • 3. Aircraft Carrier

    Aircraft Carrier

  • 4. Automatic Freight Depot

    Automatic Freight Depot

  • 5. Wind Turbines

    Wind Turbines

  • 6. Space Shuttle

    Space Shuttle

  • 7. Cross-Country Train Ride

    Cross-Country Train Ride

  • 8. Wood Factory

    Wood Factory

  • 9. Hospital


  • 10. Lightbulb


  • 11. The Edison Memorial Tower

    The Edison Memorial Tower