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14 Signs Someone Is Probably A Serial Killer

It's the return of the creepy show that everyone's talking about. But how do you know if you're surrounded by a cult of serial killers? Look for the clues and catch season 3 of The Following on Sky Atlantic at 9.00pm on March 7.

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1. They put the milk in first and act like it's not a giant mistake.


Lack of remorse, that. All over. Probably brought about by behavioural problems in early life.

2. They say they actively prefer ready salted crisps to any other flavour of crisp. / Via

That's just pathological lying.

3. They just stop in the middle of a busy street like it ain't no thang.


Not good. The telltale sign of a grandiose sense of self-worth.

4. They probably open cupboard doors and just leave them hanging open like it's fine.

cutewinfail / / Via

The opposite of what this guy is doing. Unwillingness to accept responsibility for actions is what you need to write on your pass-agg sticky note.

5. They call wine "vino", and even though they're British they pronounce "chorizo" with a th sound.

johannesnyholm's channel / / Via

This shows a lack of behavioural control, because that is just straight-up terrible behaviour. We're living in a society here. Although some might consider it superficially charming.

6. They're really, really good at filing their tax return on time. / Via

This displays a tendency to boredom because no one would do that unless they've reached the upper limits of boredom.

7. Their house is immaculately neat. Like, DVDs-alphabetised neat. / Via

Everything slotted neatly into place. Indicative of a lack of realistic long-term goals.

8. They use their phone to make a phone call instead of just sending a text message.


It's 2015. This is now classified as "cunning/manipulative" because we don't know how to respond to phone calls now and will end up agreeing to go to a party we don't want to go to.

9. They do a lot of gardening, but the garden never seems to look any different.

letsGOtoCLASS / / Via

Displays either impulsivity or, if we're getting right down to it, burying bodies in the dark while you're inside watching the telly.

10. Their favourite place to shop is the stationery shop, pens department. / Via

Honestly, it's just irresponsible to own so many pens.

11. They order HALF pints at the bar. HALF PINTS.


This displays both emotional shallowness and technical beer shallowness.

12. They're not the kind of person you'd want to leave alone with your cat. / Via

Their callousness and lack of empathy would freak that little guy out.

13. They will brazenly eat anything and everything in your fridge, especially the cheese, and never even buy a loaf of bread.


A parasitic lifestyle common among two demographics: serial killers and regular housemates.

14. They go way back into your profile pictures from 2007 and like all of them on a Friday night.


Are they being charming or creepy as hell? You know the answer. We all know the answer.

Sometimes everyone around you seems like they could be a serial killer. In Ryan Hardy's career, he's not wrong. Catch The Following on March 7 at 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic.

Information on how to spot a psychopath from this source.