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20 Things That I Wish I Knew As A Freshman

Ah high school...the one place we all wished never existed yet had us all crying by the end of the year. The stress, the long nights, the drama etc. made it an unforgettable experience. This are something's I wish I had knew when I first embarked on my long journey.

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1. DON'T Date Upperclassmen


If you are a precocious 14/15-year-old girl and you catch the eye of a senior, it's most likely he's talking about you to his friends and trying to take your virginity. Sure not all guys the same but not everyone has good intentions and you need to be 100% aware of that. Relationships in general aren't that great unless you ok with the fact that you and the "love of your life" won't stay together past high school.

2. Pick and Choose Your Battles


Sure you may have heard from Jonny that Ryan was talking about you and said some mean things, but the best reaction is no reaction. Be unbothered AF! I'm not saying be a pushover, but just know that not every thing that happens in high school is WW3. You don't have to do anything or check anyone just to seem "cool" to others.

3. Be True To Yourself

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Sure you may have heard this many of times, but that's because it's true. Ride your own wave and don't worry about what Kaitlyn or Logan is doing. Abby may have a lot of friends but that's because she's just being herself. Sure it may be hard to "fit in" but the only place where you truly "fit in" is with yourself.

4. Get Involved

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I'm not saying be the next Simone Biles or Michael Phelps, but playing a sport gives you a niche that helps you find an identity. If sports don't really agree with you, then join a club. Clubs that do a lot of community service look great on your college application. You're introduced to all sorts of people and you'll build strong friendships.

5. Have Some Confidence


By no means necessary do I mean walk around like you're hot stuffing on the Thanksgiving dinner table, but don't let any insignificant person ruin your day or even your year because THEY'RE NOT WORTH IT! It's ok to have insecurities but you should always remember, YOU IS POPPING!

6. Don't Get Into Fights


Just because your friends are hyping you up and people want to see a fight, there's no harm in walking away. Georgina will sit there and tell you to go fight someone, but she will not be sitting with you at home when you're suspended. Now if someone comes in like a wrecking ball and tries to rock your shit, you should put on your grown-up pants and swing back. But this all could be avoided if you...

7. Keep Your Mouth Shut


When it's not your business, it's exactly that, NOT YOURS! Only speak on a topic when it involves you or you will be known for a plethora of things such as: being messy, being an instigator, nosy, etc. Even if someone asks you what you think about a certain topic going around school, it will no doubt be your words that are twisted and go through a poor game of telephone around school. You can simply avoid this by saying, "It's not my place to say anything and I don't care."

8. Teacher Relationships Are Important

Storytime: When I was a freshman, I had a social studies teacher who's class I used to have fun, crack jokes, and I really tested her patience some days. I needed a 75 for a C and she wasn't willing to give me the extra two points on an assignment to get it because I had put in no effort whatsoever in her class. However, no teacher likes a kiss up, just be yourself and they will like you because of your personality.

9. Friends Come and Go

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Sure you may have had your "squad" or "fam" back in middle school, but no matter how close you were to some people, you will most likely have different interests than them and won't have a class with everyone to keep those friendships alive, and plus they probably fake AF. Sure it will be sad to see them go, but if someone walks out of your life, let them.

10. No One Likes A Judgemental Person


You are not perfect. You may be thinking "well I know that" but you need to understand that judging someone else will not make you anymore perfect. You'll come off as petty or catty and who wants to hang around a total bitch. Not every thing that enters your mind about someone needs to get a one-way ticket to the Mouth Express. It'll save you a lot of trouble.

11. Don't Be A Hoe (Unless You Want To Be)

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In high school, reputation is key. Don't be the girl that every dude wants just because you're sexually active. If you're a guy, don't be a man-whore because breaking people's hearts is not cool. If you want to be promiscuous in High School, no one's stopping you. But when you want a stable relationship, don't be crying when no one wants to commit to you.

12. Lending Pencils = Never Seeing Them Again

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Sure you may be thinking "Grace is so sweet and she's such a sweetheart" but Grace will forget that you gave her a pencil in Algebra and will wander off to her friends and talk about what she's wearing to the football games and its bye bye to Mr. Ticonderoga.

13. Hygiene! Hygiene! Hygiene!


PSA: NO ONE WILL WANT TO BE AROUND YOU IF YOU SMELL LIKE SWEAT AND MOTOR OIL. If you don't follow any other rule on this list, make sure you follow this one. Deodorant, perfume, cologne, lotion, etc. is not up for debate. This should honestly require no explanation as it's common sense.

14. Don't Run In The Halls


We get it, you love to be first to every class and if that's you, be you. However, if you are coming close to breaking Usain Bolt's 100M dash record, you need to chill! The bell will not purposely ring 3 minutes early just to get you a tardy, you'll be fine. It's ok to be a minute late to class form time to time. Although if you are on the opposite side of this spectrum I just want to personally tell you that there's a special place for you when you did. (kidding! lol.) The point is that I have places to be.

15. Skipping Class Is NOT Cool


I know, I know, Frannie is skipping class and you want to see how it feels, but just because Frannie is missing 5th period doesn't mean you have to. I'm not saying you can't once but skipping classes will mark you absent in that class and who wants to make up work? Or worse, what if Mrs. Brent doesn't let you make up that 100 point test? Your grades should be your number priority, not trying to be "cool."

16. Don't Be Loud


For all you class clowns who pride yourself on being funny, once you get to high school, all the laughs that come from being extra go away. No one wants to hear your impression of Ed from the Lion King at 6 A.M. Cut that shit out! We are all here to go to class and go home. Please don't be obnoxious.

17. People Will Be Fake

This is one of those aspects of High School that no one will avoid. People will smile in your face and turn around and talk about you. This is facts and the sooner you learn how to not be affected by this petty drama, the better your high school experience will be.

18. Cheating Happens...A Lot

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If you are a hardworking student and you feel like since you did the work, no one should copy you, please know you won't be making any friends anytime soon and maybe you're ok with that. As an honors student, please know that we as a bunch give each other answers a lot and develop a system of who's going to do what on an assignment because why work hard when you can work smart. Plus, when you forget to do that study guide that's due in 1st period, who gonna help you? That's right, nobody.

19. Thou Shall Not Remind Thy Teacher of Homework


Why? Like honestly why? I don't care if you're failing the class and actually did your work, you shouldn't be telling a teacher to check the homework by no means necessary. They probably "forgot" on purpose and you didn't have to do that to the rest of the class. Karma will surely making that roundabout to come back around and slap you in your face.

20. Have Fun (It Doesn't Last Forever)


High school is what you make it and if you make it fun for you and others, it will be a great experience. It goes by too fast and you'll want some good memories to reminisce about. Take all the problems with a grain of salt and you'll sail by. You won't probably even remember half the people you went to school with either by the time you're about 30

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