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11 Things You Say Will Never Happen To You...But Totally Could

Most people say that the odds of something happening to them is "one in a million." But in all actuality, the likelihood in most cases is much, much higher.

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1. Being injured by a toilet.

Is your bathroom your safe space? Think again. The odds of being injured while using the toilet are 1 in 10,000.

2. Being struck by lightning.

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Heavens to Zeus! The probability of getting struck by lightning in your lifetime is actually 1 in 12,000.

3. Being killed by a meteorite.

Your chances are low, but they're not out of this world. There's a 1 in 250,000 likelihood that you'll die by meteorite impact.

4. Dying for beauty.

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The average risk of dying from getting cosmetic surgery is 1 in 16,000. As if "going under the knife" didn't already sound scary enough...

5. Dying in a skydiving accident.

If you're jumping out of a plane, odds are you probably don't care. But in case you do... your odds of dying while skydiving are 1 in 100,000.

6. BASE jumping, on the other hand...

Your chances of dying from BASE jumping are 1 in 60, officially making it the most dangerous sport — which, like... duh.

7. Having your house broken into.

Sound the alarm! The probability of being the victim of burglary is 1 in 36.

8. Getting killed by a cow.

In utterly disturbing news, there are 1 in 173,871 odds that a cow will kill you — most likely because it'll think you're its food.

9. Losing your life in a car-related accident.

Why are we so scared of flying in the air when the real danger is on the roads we can walk on? The odds of a car-related fatality are 1 in 5,000 when the odds of dying on a plane are around 1 in a quarter million.

10. Choking to death.

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This is no laughing matter! Especially if you're eating and laughing at the same time. Your chances of dying from choking are 1 in 100,686. So chew your food 100,686 times before you swallow just to be sure!

11. Ending up in the ER from putting on pants. / Via

It's not as easy as it looks if you forget that "one leg at a time" rule... In fact, the chances of a hospital trip due to a fall from putting on pants is 1 in 10,000.

Your odds of dying from a tobacco-related disease if you continue to smoke: 1 in 2.

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