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11 Things We Do Now We'll Definitely Live To Regret

It's our twentysomething world and everyone else is just living in it!

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1. Refusing to check our bank statements and spending blindly.



2. Posting obnoxious gym selfies online.

Instagram: @russtap


3. Starting pillow fights with strangers.

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Going viral isn't the same as making friends!

4. Or pranking friends just to get more followers

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Now this is how you LOSE friends!

5. Spending all our money on cold-pressed juice...


Just because that ~green smoothie~ is $8 doesn't mean that it's gonna give you the sustenance you need!

6. ...but making up for our ever-enduring hunger with $1 pizza at 12 a.m.

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This is how things will always go.

7. Mean-mugging the cam just for the likes.

Instagram: @zightz / Via Instagram: @zightz

Try smiling, babe!

8. Obsessing over our personal brands.

These are the times we live in!

These are the times we live in!

9. Dancing like a maniac.


"Raise your hand if you've felt personally victimized by the 'Whip/Nae Nae' combination dance move?"

10. Not texting back.

You gotta be a better friend than that! #SayNoToGhosting!
Zack McKnight

You gotta be a better friend than that! #SayNoToGhosting!

11. Wearing onesies in public.

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Not very professional...but maybe this one's OK.

Social or "casual" smoking.

Just because you only do it on the weekends or when out with your friends doesn't mean it is a casual or harmless activity. Even occasional smoking can lead to addiction and fatal disease. In fact, half of teens who try cigarettes in college are still smoking four years later. Visit THE FACTS NOW to learn more about how tobacco affects you.