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11 Cringeworthy Accessories No One Can Pull Off

Some embarrassing accessories can be discarded. Others stick with you much longer than you can imagine.

1. A Cat Hair Necklace

You already get it all over your clothes... There's no reason to wear it around your neck too.

2. Fake Braces

Because nothing says "fashion" like painful middle school memories.

3. A Knitted Cover for Your Motorcycle

Just because you can crochet everything, doesn't mean you should.

4. A Purple Double Poncho

5. Zebra Fish Tank Platform Shoes

6. A Raw Meat Necklace

7. A Pair of Hand-Knitted Leisure Pants

8. Cabbage Patch Earmuffs

Lets take a moment to realize that two Cabbage Patch Dolls died for this sin.

9. A Head-to-Toe Taxidermy Getup

10. Metallic Meggings

Now there's nothing wrong with a tight fit...but it should look like it actually fits.

11. Live Pet Jewelry

Comes with a free lifetime supply of animal droppings.

Most accessory missteps are just embarrassing, not deadly.