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14 Signs You're In A Badass Bromance

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1. Words of encouragement might be backhanded compliments.

2. Your mutual competitiveness could get someone killed.

3. Going out of your way to help kinda pisses you off.

4. It takes a lot of effort to get each other's attention.

5. Your deepest conversations use five words or less.

6. Bumming a ride off each other is no biggie.

7. You don't let each other forget dumb mistakes.

8. Hanging out too long always gets you into trouble.

9. You don't take too kindly to random friend requests.

10. Your trust in each other is only as strong as your insults.

11. It's way more fun when one of you overreacts.

12. You never let on when you're kind of impressed.

13. You take the heat when someone's temper flares.

14. And your idea of a group hug goes something like this:

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