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13 Teen Problems You Still Have To Deal With As An Adult

If only it were just a phase. Relive your teenage years with The Edge of Seventeen, in cinemas now.

1. Getting a crappy haircut.

Bad hair days can turn into weeks.

2. Walking in on people having sex.

One of these days you'll remember to knock.

3. Being compared to your siblings.

Isn't that what family catch-ups are for?

4. Feeling like you have no one to talk to at a party full of people...

*checks phone again*

5. ...and feeling so uncomfortable you hide out in the bathroom.

Is it home time yet?

6. Drifting apart from close friends.

It's still sucks tbh.

7. Falling in love with someone you ~shouldn't~.

Damn you, heart.

8. Sending a text to your crush by accident.


9. Getting massive pimple breakouts.

Which you can't resist squeezing and making look 10x worse.

10. And growing hair in unwanted places.

FUN FACT: It gets worse.

11. Being downright terrible at flirting.

Winking is still cool though, right?

12. Doing something embarrassing in front of your crush.

And wishing the ground would promptly open and swallow you up.

13. And feeling as though the whole world is out to get you.

At least it does get easier to deal with.

All images supplied by Roadshow Films.

Maybe one day we’ll grow out of it. Relive the most cringeworthy moments of your teen years with The Edge of Seventeen, in cinemas now.