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12 Signs You Might Not Be Cut Out For This Parenthood Thing After All

So, yeeeaah. Raising a whole nother human being is hard.

1. Number of pics you have of your kid holding booze > number of pics of your kid doing anything else.

2. Your children's teachers have started to notice your overall influence.

3. You make "your mom" your own child.

4. Try as you might, you just can't keep a plant alive.

5. You lose stuff ALL the time, and can't help but wonder if you'll lose a baby too.

6. You take better care of your wine glasses than you do of yourself.

7. Your son or daughter has definitely said something terribly embarrassing and incriminating in public.

8. Rather than tend to the tantrums, you'd rather just document them for the world to see.

9. When your baby is learning to talk, and you're pretty sure you hear her say a cuss word.

10. You get WAY too excited when you find new ways to pack your wine.

11. Same goes for when you find new ways of sneaking alcohol into places.

12. When you realize just how many of your thoughts like, Am I cut out for this? are related to drinking.

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