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Top 10 Ways To #KeepTwitterPositiveBy

Sometimes you have to ask what it's gonna take to keep the world sane.

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1. Sharing Your Love With The World

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy posting pictures of you and doggos.

2. Watching GIFs with care.

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy remembering to rewind animated GIFs when you are through watching them

3. Sharing Unmerited Kindness

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy being kind, even when others are not.

4. Destroying Voldemort's Most Powerful Horcrux

Deleting @realDonaldTrump's account ? #KeepTwitterPositiveBy

5. Not Setting The Bar Too High

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy being a decent human being 🤷🏻‍♀️

6. Partying HELLA hard

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy making today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous. #FridayMotivation #FlashbackFriday…

7. Getting A Little Science-y With It

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy tweeting about protons.

8. Showing Dat RT Love

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy Retweeting.. Loads

9. Remembering The Important Stuff

I hope #KeepTwitterPositiveBy isn't code for bury our heads in the sand while our neighbors are deported and the poor lose their health care

10. And Of Course, Blessing Your Feed With The Glory That Is Rihanna.

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy posting new Rihanna photoshoot

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