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17 Times You Wish You Had The Flash's Powers

Moving at lightning speed? Yes, please! You've got a need for speed, and a need to check out the CW's new trailer for The Flash, premiering Tuesday, October 7 at 8/7c.

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1. When you hit snooze and know you should be getting up.


Hit snooze as much as you want. You are the Snooze King now.

2. Traffic? What traffic?

3. When you're craving authentic ethnic food.


Go to that country immediately. Doesn't get more authentic!

4. When you're in line for your favorite panel at a comic convention.


It's not cutting if nobody saw you do it. Just sayin'.

5. Beating the rush to the parking lot after a concert.

6. Finding a missing pet.

IFC / Via

"OK, flyers are printed and— oh, you found her already?"

7. Being in a long-distance relationship.

The tradeoff? Now you have no excuses... for anything.

8. Two words: speed dating.

WWE / Via

You just call it dating.

9. Dodging passive-aggressive insults from your co-worker.

10. When you tried to twerk.

11. Networking at a party.


You make all of the friends!

12. Trying to exit a boring party without getting noticed.

13. When you miss the train and have to wait for the next one.


Forget the train, there is no train, YOU ARE THE TRAIN.

14. When you're starving and can't wait to get home for dinner.

bTV / Via

Starving? Waiting? What do these things mean?

15. When you're torn between doing two things.


Hint: do both.

16. Getting hit by waves at the beach.


Now that beach is your biatch.

17. And, of course, dodging a flaming roundhouse kick to the face.

Sahamongkol Film International / Via

Otherwise known as the New York City subway.