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So You Can't Make It To Comic-Con?

Don't panic! Even if you can't make the trek to the holy grail of geekdom, we've got you covered. And while you're caught up in all the con excitement, don't forget to check out sneak peeks of The Tomorrow People, Reign, and The Originals, coming this fall to The CW.

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Rejoice, true believers! It's that time of year again.

All geeks worth their weight in Pym Particles are migrating out to the biggest gathering known to nerdom:


You know what that means?


Sexy cosplay!


And even dogplay!


And you haven't even scoped out the dealer's room yet.

Aw yiss, limited run single issues all up in here.

Special edition statues and swag!

Can't afford any high-end geek gear? Good thing the hugs are always free.

But don't lose track of time -- the panel for your favorite TV show started two minutes ago. Better book it!


PHEW, made it to the Arrow Q&A just in time!

Lunch time already?! Anyone who says they like con food is obviously a Skrull, so let's stop off for a quick bite across the street.


Maybe the lines have gotten a little bit longer…

...and the dealer's room competition a little, uh, fiercer.

But there's still nothin' quite like Comic-Con.

Until next year, geeks and geekettes!