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15 Reasons Your Dog Deserves An Award

Your dog should definitely get an award... just like those other fancy dogs did on Jan. 15 at The World Dog Awards on The CW.

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Dear dog. It's that time of the year when dogs get awards, and we just wanted you to know that you deserve one too.

And here is why.

1. You appreciate everything we do for you.

2. Your strange habits are highly entertaining.

3. You're always honest with us, and we appreciate that.


You'll tell us if you don't like the cake. You know that communication is important.

4. Like, when you're naughty, at least you own up to it.

5. You're always there when we need someone to talk to.

You always listen.

6. You're there for us in the high times.

7. And in the times when we're so sad we can't even get out of bed.

8. You're always happy to just chill.

That's real friendship.

9. And even when you're being crazy, we know it's only because you love us.

10. You make mistakes, dog. But it's OK. We all do. / Via

We would never judge you.

11. You love us unconditionally.

And we love you right back. Even when you're being demanding.

12. Sometimes you're so adorable it hurts. / Via


13. Nobody is better company than you.

14. You're the best best friend we could ever ask for.

15. And that is why, dear dog, you deserve all of the awards.

Go here for behind-the-scenes footage and to see who took home a bone at The CW's World Dog Awards.