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Here's Everything That Happened At The CW's Batsh!t Crazy Bash For "Batwoman"

You've been to parties before, but nothing as batsh!t as this!

Batwoman fans rejoiced at Comic-Con because The CW threw a rooftop bash to celebrate their new show, starring Ruby Rose.

Did you know the one thing missing in your life was Batwoman-themed drinks? WELL, now you know!

Fans were able to take pics in front of a REAL-LIFE BAT SIGNAL before entering the event.

Guests could munch on a ton of tasty treats, like Cuban sandwiches, sweet-potato black-bean tacos, and watermelon and cucumber salad.

And what party is complete without beer pong?

Other CW stars dropped by, like the cast of Arrow...

...and some of the stars of Black Lightning!

You KNOW there were souvenirs to remember the epic bash.

And of course, people ~flipped out~ for the bat-themed photo booth!

So even if you missed Comic-Con, you can still get your Batwoman fix when the show premiers Oct. 6 on The CW.