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17 People And Pets Who Just Found Out They Have Superpowers

The future is now. Forget everything you thought you knew about normal. The Tomorrow People, Wednesdays this fall on The CW.

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1. This unsuspecting jogger who always had a hunch he could walk on water.


But he hasn't really gotten all the kinks worked out yet.

2. This kitten who just discovered he can phase through solid matter.



3. This bunny rabbit who just realized out that the rules of gravity don't apply to her.

4. This doggy who just found out he can fly and ISN'T SO SURE ABOUT THIS, YOU GUYS.

5. This gal who really wishes she found out about her super strength like five seconds later.

6. And this aspiring orchestra star who, yeah, prrrrretty much wishes the same.

7. This cat who has ZERO regrets about eating that radioactive spider.


It had it coming.

8. This turtle who was just hit with super speed and can't WAIT to rub it in everyone's dumb faces.

9. This rad dad whose reflexes just got a superpowered boost.

10. This napper who just took sleepwalking to a whole new level.


11. This scuba diver who had no idea about his complete control of the underwater kingdom.


All bow to Prince Snorkel, Crown Heir to the Deep End.

12. This dodgeball pro who's really feelin' the effects of those gamma rays.

13. This bummed-out pup who just found out he didn't get a callback for the Fantastic Four.

14. This too-cool kiddo who may have just sprouted two additional arms and is kind of freaking out about it right now.

15. These parkour pals who now have the strength and agility of ten teens.


16. This sports spectator who now knows that he's a high-powered telepath.

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17. And this young gent who just stumbled on a secret ability that's gonna change everything.

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