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13 Reasons Why Living In Medieval Times Was Better Than Modern Times

Once you got past that whole "plague" thing, life in the middle ages was pretty darn sweet. Adventure back to an epic age hidden from the history books. Reign, premiering Thursday, October 10th, only on The CW.

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1. You could settle every argument by jousting.


Landlord says you're late on rent? Joust 'em for it. Roommate forgot to take out the trash? Joust 'em for it. Everyone saying your obsession with jousting to solve all your problems is getting out of hand? Joust 'em for it.

2. Animals could be put on trial for any wrongdoings.

Chambers Book of Days / Via

In the case of House Cat Vs. Your Sweet New Ikea Sofa, we find the defendant, Fluffy McWhiskerpaws, guilty by Animal Court of Law. We sentence him to five thousand kissy-wisses. Dismissed.

4. No silverware? No problem.


The middle ages made it socially acceptable to eat everything with your bare hands like a big fat slob. Bonus: you didn't have to wash any dishes when you were done! Take that, Adulthood!

13. And, yes, because there were still cats.

Via Twitter: @EmirOFilipovic

Only they spent substantially less time walking across your keyboard and just as much time strutting over your immaculately-scrawled manuscripts.

Some things just don’t change.