12 Most Awkward Things About Being A Vampire

Being a vampire can be hard. Mortals just don’t understand. Check out the series premiere event of The Originals on Thursday, October 3, 9/8c on The CW.

1. People think it’s funny to open the blinds on you.

2. You get out of “bed” weirdly.

Oh, and your hands are pretty creepy, too.

3. Everyone thinks you can turn into a bat and you’re all like, nope.

The Originals, The CW / Via the-originals-run-this-town.tumblr.com

4. You always seem creepier than you actually are.

5. There are impersonators, everywhere.

6. Everyone thinks you’re insecure because you always have to ask the host to specifically invite you in.

7. When all your friends have a day party, you have to stay home.

8. Everyone assumes you’re gonna be all charming ‘cause you’re a vampire.

10. Everyone’s always trying to stick crosses in your face (like that’s gonna help, psh).

11. Your angry face is actually pretty funny.

12. You like to go out, but blending in is always a little easier said than done.

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