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11 Online Dating Tips From Nostradamus

Nostradamus is heralded as the greatest future-seer of all time, so why not use some of that knowledge to avoid bad dates? Get to know Nostradamus better on Reign, premiering Thursday, October 17, 9/8c only on The CW.

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1. "If she hath more than three cats, thy conversations will be mostly about the lady's cats."

Robert W. Howington / Via Flickr: whitetrashtexas

2. "If his profile says he hath been 'figuring things out at the moment,' then he uses his parents' corridors as his residency."

stevendepolo / Via Flickr: stevendepolo

3. "If she doth twerk on the reg, thou can get away with Ruby Tuesday on thine first date."

Piques / Via

4. "A pox on those who only upload photos of thyself in lame shirts with other chicks."

Kojach / Via Flickr: kojach

5. "If the lady plays Candy Crush, thou dinner conversations shall be without eye contact."

Marco Raaphorst / Via Flickr: raaphorst

6. "Avoid all waterfowl faces; they are a plague."

Jimmy Larsson / Via Flickr: jimmylarsson

7. "If you hath received a message from a lady, and it doth not say your name, the same message hath been sent to many others."

8. "Danger lurks within a profile that mentions too much about one's ex."

9. "If thou desires a relationship, avoid the dude without a shirt."

eggrole / Via Flickr: eggrole

10. "If thine profile photo is a canine, doth not be alarmed. They are probably human and it is more than likely a photo of thine pet."

Katie@! / Via Flickr: cliche

11. "If all else fails, I doth not have anything going on this weekend."