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18 Hacks To Save You Time

Giving you more time for the sunshine!

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1. Open pesky clamshell packaging with a tin opener.

Instead of hacking away with scissors, use a regular tin opener around the edges to easily separate the plastic.

2. Cool your drinks in double-quick time.

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Putting your drinks in the freezer is okay, but you'll still need to be patient if you want to serve them iced cold. To speed the process up, wrap your bottles in a wet paper towel. This will help transfer heat energy out more quickly and cut your waiting time in half.

5. Fill your cooler with ice, water, AND salt.


Ice is the coldest, but thick cubes won't be able to chill the whole bottle like water can. The real trick here is to add salt, which lowers the freezing point of water and can turn room-temperature drinks cold super quick.

6. Foil's all you need to clean your grill and go again.


To save time and hassle, when you've finished and the grill has been switched off to cool, place a sheet of foil over the racks, tuck down the edges, and close the lid. Leave it for 10-15 minutes until the heat has died down.

Then remove the foil, bunch it into a ball, and use it to quickly scrub down the racks to get ride of any excess food. A quick wipe with a wet sponge and you're done!

9. Serve strawberries with a straw.

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Ever feel like you spend more time picking bits off strawberries than you do actually eating them? Save yourself the fuss by using a straw to simply poke through and push out the stems.

12. Sellotape your hand to create a makeshift lint roller.


Wrap the tape around your hand with the sticky side facing outwards, then pat down your clothes to quickly and easily remove any lint, fluff, or animal hair.

15. Store chargers and power leads in a sunglasses case.

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Save your self the hassle of rooting around in your bag or getting your leads tied in knots by making use of an old sunglasses case.

17. Use a trouser hanger to hold open your cookbook.

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If you're using a new recipe, try hanging it from a cupboard using a clothes hangar. It'll keep it open on the right page, and you won't have to worry about getting flour everywhere...

18. Use your brain muscles to open a stiff jar.

Rather than risk looking silly, you can use duct tape to open any stiff jar in a flash. Firstly, wrap the tape around roughly a quarter of the jar. Then, fold the first few inches over the lid, fold the rest of the tape in two to strengthen it, and then give it a pull.

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