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12 Moments From "The Choice" True Southerners Will Relate To

Because y'all do things a lil' differently south of the Mason-Dixon.

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1. Home cookin' is Southern for "mind-alteringly delicious."

And no matter whether you're a guy or gal, you know your way around a kitchen.

2. Having a beer with lunch ain't drinking, it's having a beer with lunch.

Even if it's, y'know, a couple of beers.

3. The County Fair is the social event of the season.

Everybody's going to be there: Gabby, Travis, Ryan, Travis's sister. Everybody.

4. Part of dating is spending quality time with your S.O.'s parents.

The good news is they'll treat you like part of the family. The bad news is they'll treat you like part of the family.

5. You have an abiding appreciation for the old ways of doing things.

You knew vinyl sounded better before all these Yankee hipsters started saying it.

6. People aren't afraid to talk openly about their faith.

Unless you don't believe in football. You should probably keep that one to yourself.

7. Southern manners mean you always stand when a lady leaves the table.

"Evenin' ma'am."

8. You still ask for your boo's parents' blessing before you propose.

In return, they'll help you with the finer points of proposing.

9. Your conflict resolution style

"Yeah, we could stand around here and talk this all out, or I could just sock you and be done with it."

10. You don't need an ocean to have a beach.

A river or a lake will do just fine. Hell, even a creek'll work.

11. Everybody goes to church on Sunday, religious or not.

It's not about "religion"; it's just a part of Southern life.

12. You'll take starlight over strobe lights any day of the week.

This is real nightlife.

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